Does FedEx Hire Felons?

A felon does not get a job easily. As background checks are made on drivers, before they are hired, having a tainted past keeps looming large on job opportunities. Job history is one of the most important factors that speak for a person, as it shows how experienced you are in your job and FedEx is no exception.

FedEx Drivers

Record of a preventable accident that had caused a serious or fatal injury; using a mobile phone while driving and other such poor records are some factors that FedEx does not consider favorable. A FedEx driver is a responsible person who builds strong relationships with his customers. His impeccable attire distinguishes him from others.

It creates a good impression in the uniform he wears, the vehicle he drives and the service he provides.  His driving license is most important and it has to be an authentic one, while his driving abilities should be good.

Felon Drivers for FedEx

Felons try to get jobs once they are released. Once they find a steady employment, their background history will improve and it will improve their morale about having a good job. A felon can get a good job by explaining to his employer, about the values he still possesses and how his skills will assist him in his job, once he joins the company. However, importance is given to the type of crime committed and the elapse of time after the crime, while being recruited into FedEx.

There are many types of crimes such as fatal and serious injuries, using a mobile phone while driving or texting, moving violations, preventable accidents, improper license, expired license, suspension or cancellation of license, falsifying of documents, unauthorized transport of passengers, using drugs or alcohols while driving, not stopping at the scene of the accident, etc., are some crimes that are evaluated.

The conviction, citation and records are analyzed. The number of years prior to the date of application is also checked into. Each record is considered, while analyzing the application. Each crime is considered according to the seriousness of crime, the nature of punishment and the number of years passed after the crime.

As the company recruits such drivers, the company can use its own judgment in recruiting its staff and it is responsible for all activities f the driver. Candidates, who overcome all such defaults in their past records in getting good jobs, should uphold the confidence placed and honor their employees trust in them.

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