Finding the Right Part Time Job

Many students need part time work to pay for their education. Employers often hire extra workers in the summer when students are available to work and full time employees are off. Taking the time to target the employer who is the best fit can help ensure the job has the most benefit both short term and long term.

What Kind of Part Time Job?

Take the time to think about what type of part time job might be the best fit. Although this is only a temporary position, it is also an opportunity to add experience to a resume. As well, making the effort to find a position that reflects individual interests will help make the job more enjoyable.

Applicants heading to university try to find jobs that support their area of study. Students who are English literature majors should look into a job at a book store. If Computer Science is the area of study then try to find a position with a company that repairs or sells computer equipment. If the part time job is aligned with education goals, it can help future job searches.

Understand what expectations are required of each job. Part time jobs often have shift work. Restaurants, for example, will have late nights and early mornings. Is this schedule something that can be managed? Landscaping companies require workers to be outdoors all day. Is this a condition that can be met? Finding a good fit is a benefit to both the employee and the employer.

Finding the Right Part Time Job

Finding Part Time Job Opportunities

Talk to friends. Find out which employers are great to work for. Having a friend already working for the employer may make it easier to land a position. Plus, the benefit of working with friends can make even the most tedious of jobs more fun.

Employers will often advertise for part time work in local newspapers. Seasonal work in particular is posted in papers. Local job banks will also have a list of employers seeking part time workers.

Approach the businesses that look appealing. Speaking to a manager about any open positions can lead to a job. Don’t wait to see a “Now Hiring” add. In fact being proactive can be an advantage when a position becomes open.

Applying for a Part Time Job Position

Many part time jobs are filled by students. Therefore the employers rarely expect to see resumes, and will often have a standard application form to fill in. If a resume is available, hand it in along with a completed application form. It looks more professional and will stand out.

Make sure the form is filled out neatly and is easy to read. Be careful to complete all areas of the application. If there are areas that seem unclear, do not be afraid to ask for clarification. The application should be handed directly to a manager.

When handing in an application, take the time to speak to the manager. Explain what position is being applied for and thank the manager for his time. Managers get many applications, but they do remember people who make a positive impression.

Make the most of the part time job experience by finding a job that reflects personal interests, and supports educational goals. Find jobs through friends, in papers and jobs banks. Fill out the application carefully and be sure to contact the manager personally.

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